This website is a Real Estate website I made for a company located in Georgia. This website shows properties that the company is selling. Customers can go on the website, and see all the properties being sold on a Google Maps, and also in the properties section. This website also has a About me page, where the company can dynamically display employees in the company. This website has a back-end where company employees can go and add, edit, delete properties, company team members, emails they receive, and also a dashboard, among other features.


June 1, 2016


June 23, 2016



  • Users can look at properties being sold on a Google Maps in the front-end, or in the properties section.
  • Users can sort properties by many different attributes, and go click on the properties to find out more information.
  • This website has a "Buyers", "Sellers", "About" and "Contact" pages.
  • This website comes with 2 front-end forms where customers can request more information, which gets sent to the back-end and to the companies email.
  • This website is integrated with Google Analytics and SEO
  • Admin features
  • This website has a backend with a Dashboard.
  • Company employees can go Add, Edit or delete properties.
  • Employee's can also add pictures to a property
  • Employee's go also mark a property for either Sale, or SOLD.
  • A Admin can also Add, Edit and Delete Company Employees from the back-end, and add them to the About page in the front-end
  • A Admin can edit settings for each "role" in a company, along with adding new users
  • Employee's can also see if the company got any emails from customers, and can open and read the emails.
  • code


  • Laravel 5.2 Framework
  • mySQL

  • Front-end

  • Bootstrap
  • Javascript
  • jQuery