South Africa Safari

South Africa

Exploring the wild side of South Africa!

For my South African trip, I started off in Johannesburg doing a 4 hours bike tour around Soweto right from the get go. That night, I stayed at the Mbizi Backpacker Lodge, a friendly, house warming hostel located near the airport. The brother's owner was awesome. He was born in South Africa and so we had a great talk about the culture of the country. The next morning, Viva Safaris picked up at the hostel for my 4 days trip in the bush in Kruger National Park. After that I headed off to Zambia for the Victoria Falls.

As some may have said, Jo'Burg might not be the best place to get your first impression of South Africa. Cape Town is much better at doing that, but nevertheless, the places surrounding Jo'Burg like Soweto, and Kruger National Park, are amazing enough to force you to stop at Jo'Burg anyway.