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Ten reasons to visit Fiji

From white-water rafting to spa treatments, these are the top 10 reasons to visit Fiji and its surrounding islands.

Published on: 12 May

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Flavoursome Fiji

Blessed by fresh mountain waters, a sunny tropical climate and a long tradition of locally sourced ingredients, Fiji has a rich variety of new tastes for the adventurous food-loving traveller. Get your mouth watering over rainbows of tropical fruits, succulent seafood and a fusion of multicultural flavours, which will make you wonder what paradise you've landed in.

Published on: 12 May

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How to choose a South Pacific island

The South Pacific confounds even the savviest map buffs with its splatter of dots spread across the world's biggest ocean. What you can't tell from a map, or even most tourist brochures is that these palm-laden pinpricks are as diverse as the region is vast. While the postcards might look similar, Fiji and Tahiti are not interchangeable or even much alike when it comes to landscapes and culture.

Published on: 9 May

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