Website Projects

Dream Sporting Trips

Dream Sporting Trips is an online hunting and fishing directory that makes it easy for people to search for and book the trips they want.

Archon Clothing
Client Shopify

This is an online shopify store selling esports apparel. Unique teams and brands provide the esports community with quality apparel

All Points North Realty

This website is a real estate website I made for a company located in Georgia. This website shows properties that...

Halo stats (API) Website
Laravel 5.2 API

This is a website where users can look up stats for Halo 5 players. Users can look at the Arena leader boards for the current season in each playlist.

E-commerce website
Laravel 5.2

This is a e-commerce website where users can buy different electronics. It features a full back-end, with many e-commerce functionalities.

Travel website
Laravel 5.2

This is a website were users can search Travel Destinations other users put up on the website. Users can signup, and create Travel Flyers.

Game Review & News website

A website meant for game reviews, news and more! Users can login and review, comment on forums, read articles, news, details about...

Small Website Projects

WordPress E-commerce website
NEW! WordPress

This is a WordPress e-commerce website I made using WooCommerce and the Shopisle theme. It is fully functional and responsive.

E-commerce website

This is a simple e-commerce shop I made where users can shop around, and buy products that are for sale at the online store. Has a full payment...

Food website

This is a online food ordering website I made for my school project. Users can browse the menu, or order food through this website.

Tourism website

This website is a tourism website for the Fiji islands. Users can view news, articles, and travel destinations for fiji. This website also...

Back-end Skills

Learning Experience

High school
  • North Port High school
  • Graduated in 2010

  • College
  • State College of Florida (SCF)
  • Associates of Science in Computer Programming & Analysis
  • Started in September 2012
  • Graduated in December, 2015
  • 3.4 GPA (out of 4)

  • University of South Florida - Sarasota Manatee (continuing)
  • Bachelors in Information Techology
  • Started in September 2016

  • Other Educational Resources I used
  • Google
  • Youtube
  • stack overflow
  • Laracasts/Laravel Documentation
  • codeschool

  • code
    Front-end Skills

    About me

    David Trushkov

    Hi, my name is David Trushkov. I am a 24 years old web developer who loves to work on web development. As a graduate from SCF, and getting my Associates of Science in Computer Programming & Analysis, I'm eager to learn new technologies. Living in South Florida for over a decade, I wouldn't have it any other way. In my free time I like to go the the beach, play video games, basketball, or code some side projects.



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